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yow. long time, no post, life is crazy, etc, etc, etc, and it's not really all that entertaining of a story, so I'll spare you. Everyone is still employed, mostly healthy, and mostly dealing. On the plus side, D has been distracting himself by clearing out closets and corners and desks, so Goodwill has gotten 4 or 5 drop-offs; there is a lawn & leaf-sized bag of things to be shredded; the back of my minivan (the littler Honda) is full of electronics to be recycled; and our curbside recycle pick-up this week is going to be mammoth. AND, I have an office that is a functional workroom, with space for minor crafting and a place to store all my stationery (I have a tiny paper problem.)

I come bearing gifts, though! Or at least a tidy list of other people's gifts & an addendum of my own. If you're in a small fandom, this might not be such a big deal, but if you're in a big one you know that sifting through everything that's been posted to AO3 can be impossible. You probably know the trick to filter out specific tags**, which makes it much easier to eliminate things that don't do it for you. This necessitates figuring out the tags and keeping a list, which is kind of a drag, so when I saw this post go by on tumblr, I almost turned cartwheels, because it has 200 (!!!!!) ID numbers for popular tags and AUs.

Ok, so that's awesome and what I'd like to add are my own list of ID numbers (ships and sources) that you might want to filter out of a search. (No judgement here! I love me some Clint/Coulson, but when I want Natasha/Clint, I'd rather them not be the prior ship on the way to the SHIELDHusbands happy ending. Or, if I just want to see if anyone has written anything new in MI4 Ghost Protocol, I'd really rather not wade through the many MCU crossovers.)

Anyway, it's only a few and MCU/SPN centric, but I thought a few of you might get some use out of it. cutting )

**If this doesn't make sense to you, let me know & I'll show you how. (I'm a tech writer! I do this for actual pay! I will do screen shots and everything!)
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Hi everybody new! ::waves::

quick background things, aka: context!yay! )

I cross-post pretty faithfully between DW & LJ, and like my little cross-post link on LJ says, comments are groovy wherever you'd like to make them. Fic is going to [ profile] topaz these days, but I usually get everything to [ profile] t_fic at some point. I'm also [ profile] topaz119 on tumblr and I'm on goodreads and pinterest as well. Feel free to ping me if you'd like to link up there, too.

...and I'm off to dig out the house so the lady who cleans for me can actually find something to clean other than holiday detritus, ciao!

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Jan. 2nd, 2013 01:30 pm
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I cross-post pretty faithfully between DW & LJ. Feel free to comment wherever is easiest/most convenient for you; I am happy to engage across multiple platforms. You can also find me:

[ profile] topaz (AO3) my fic & bookmarks

[ profile] topaz119 (tumblr) fic announcements & endless reblogging of Jeremy Renner-related content whatever catches my eye, mostly fannish but with the occasional science/techonology/space related photo/video

[ profile] topaz119 (pinboard) recs/favorites/things that made me happy, crossposted from the rec sets I do on DW/LJ/tumblr, but tagged and sortable.

[ profile] topaz119 (livejournal) daily stuff, recs, & fic announcements, xposted with dw (flocked but I'm happy to add you back)

[ profile] t_fic (livejournal) (unlocked, sadly out-of-date) my fic, xposted to AO3

I'm also on pinterest (mostly food & holiday stuff, some geek (steampunk & cosplay), occasionally astronomy or science) and goodreads (er, currently I seem to be reading fluff of the cozy mystery or Regency/Victorian persuasion.) Feel free to comment/dm if you want to hook up there.

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